Open Settings -> Preferences -> Video menu in Screen Capture and set Frame rate to 60

Make sure that Output frame size is set to Full Size

Close the program settings and record sample video, after recording check video quality in Screen Capture preview window.

Please note that if you record HD / Full HD / WQHD / 4K video (for example, from YouTube) you need to select appropriate output format (Save as option). 

To save HD / Full HD / WQHD / 4K video in high quality select Video and audio -> HD video format group from the list of formats and then select one of formats with  720p / 1080p / 1440p / 2160p quality. Save your recorded file and check quality of output file.

Please also note that the quality of the recorded video depends on your machine resources.

The more RAM you have, the higher the chances are to record a higher quality video. 

If you record an online video, make sure that you have the highest quality available in the browser. 

Try changing the browser whether necessary. 

If after recording your screen in Movavi Screen Capture Studio or Movavi Video Suite you go to Edit your video, please note to set the same resolution in the video editor with the resolution of your added video.  

To do that, enter the required resolution in the Video Editor's menu Edit -> Project settings

Before you start capturing a video, please note to use the resolution that corresponds with the expected output resolution and aspect ratio (currently that's 16:9, 3:4 or other),