Usually, you can install the package by double-clicking  the downloaded *.MPACK file.

The Movavi video editing application would open, so you will be able to install and activate the package instantly. 

If you have several Movavi programs, just select either of the supported versions.

If you have the video editing product purchased through Appstore or Steam, please note that the effects do not support these versions. Please contact us for further instructions.

The reasons why installing would not happen might be the following:

1) the file associations might have some issues. 

That might happen if the mpack file was attempted to open with a specific application. 

The workaround is to open a video editing app you have and to drag and drop the *.mpack file into the timeline area.  

2) the video editing product version you have on the machine does not support the effects pack.

You can check your version via the menu Help  - About. 

On MacOS that would be the menu [Movavi Product Name] - About. 

Please view the list of the supported products

The versions above support the effects by default. Thus, for instance, Movavi Video Editor Plus 20 supports the effects pack as well.

3) the installation file did not download properly. 


We would suggest checking your internet connection and trying another web browser.