Movavi offers a wide variety of programs and each performs a different function. We understand that choosing the right program for your needs could take some time. If you are not sure which Movavi product is used for what, and which one you should pick, please read on.

For videos: 

Video Editor Plus - this is our primary video editing program. Beginner friendly and easy to use, it nonetheless offers a wide variety of features that can be used to enhance your videos. Want to add a green screen effect? Trim your holiday video? Add text to your video? All of that and more can be accomplished with Video Editor Plus.

Screen Recorder - this program provides an easy way to capture your screen, and record videos from it. You can use it to record meetings, capture your webcam, and record your audio. If you need to edit your recording, then you do not need to buy Video Editor Plus, since Screen Recorder offers some limited editing functionality, that can be used to remove unnecessary parts from your recording. Please note that Screen Recorder cannot be used to record copyrighted material, and bypass copy-protection.

Video Converter Premium - ever had a video file ion your computer that was in a strange format, that no player or program would accept? Video Converter Premium can help you with this. This simple program can be used to convert your video files into various different formats. On top of that, it can be used to add subtitles to your video, and do some limited editing. The full list of currently supported formats can be found here.

Video Suite - If you require the functionality of every Movavi program that is listed above (and SlideShow Maker), then look no further than Video Suite. This is a compilation program that includes every video editing program that Movavi offers, tied together with a launcher, and some exclusive features that are not available in the standalone programs. 

Gecata - this program can be used to capture and stream video game footage, so that none of your gaming accomplishments go unnoticed. Take screenshots, record videos, stream online and more! 

Effect packs - these effect packs provide you with new stylish effects that can be used to enhance your videos. These can be bought individually, or as a yearly subscription that grants you access to every effect pack that is available in the Effects Store. Please note, that effect sets are not included in the subscription, however the individual effect packs that comprise them are included. Effects are compatible with the Video Editor family of products, SlideShow Maker and Video Suite.

Movavi Academic - a special Movavi program that is available for teachers, students and educational organizations. Contains the full functionality of Video Editor Plus, Screen Recorder, on top of having a unique Quiz feature, and some free effects. Not available as part of Movavi Unlimited. 

For photos:

SlideShow Maker - an easy-to-use program that can create beautiful slideshows for special occasions. The helpful Slideshow Wizard can be used to create gorgeous slideshows out of large amounts of photos in mere minutes.

Picverse - a simple to use photo editing program that can enhance your photos, restore aging damage on old photos and colorize them.

For documents:

PDFChef - this is a .PDF reader and editor. It can be used to read .pdf documents and edit their contents. 

For those who want everything:

Movavi Unlimited - this is a special yearly subscription that gives you access to every Movavi program that is listed above (excluding Academic). Please note that standalone versions of Video Editor Plus, Screen Recorder, Video Converter Premium and SlideShow Maker are not included in this subscription. However, they are included as part of Video Suite. You still gain access to the full functionality of Movavi software.

Please note that every program that is listed above (excluding Unlimited and the Effect packs) has a trial version, that can be downloaded on the individual product pages.

If you are still not sure which program you should choose, we recommend taking a look at this page and this article which has a helpful flowchart that you can use while making your decision!