Movavi Video Converter can help you adjust the volume levels of any video or audio file.  The feature is available for  Movavi Video Converter 15 and later. 

1): Open the file;

 You can either click Add Media, or drag and drop the files.

2) Choose output audio format;

3) Select 'Edit'
1.  The Editor window will open. There, switch to the Audio tab.
3. Adjust the volume level or select the Normalize volume option.

Adjust the volume:

  • To change the volume of the whole file, drag the Volume slider to the necessary level, where 100% is the original volume.

  • If parts of the file are too quiet, select the Normalize volume option to make them louder.


4) Should there be any unwanted noise in the file:

1. Select the Remove noise option.

2. Drag the Noise level slider to set the amount of noise you can hear in the file.

5) When you're finished, click Apply to accept the changes.
To fix the volume for all the files in the list, select Apply to all files.

If you don't need any further editing, click Done to close the editing window.