When you open a previously created project, you may see a message saying that a file is missing from the project:

This may happen if one of the files used in the project has been moved somewhere else or deleted from disk.

You can see the names of the files and their previous location in the information window.

Why is this happening?

In order to save disk space, the program does not copy the files into the project, but instead, it memorises files' location on your PC.

Therefore, if you move or delete the original files after you add them into the project, the program cannot use them as a reference any more.

How to fix:


  • If the file was moved elsewhere, click the Specify Folder button and locate the folder with the files in the Windows Explorer window. After that, the program will locate the files, and you can continue working on the project as usual.

  • You can also move everything (videos, photos, audio, used in the project) and the project file into a new folder on your desktop. If you launch the project from this folder, the program will automatically locate the files.

If the file was deleted or you no longer wish to use it in the project, click Skip to open the project without the missing file.

To cancel loading the project, click Cancel