This article is relevant to:

Movavi Slideshow Maker 4 and higher, 

Movavi Video Editor 15 and higher, 

Movavi Video Editor Plus 15 and higher, 

Movavi Video Suite 18 and higher 

The software has a feature of portable projects that enable you to share your work in collaboration or use the Movavi products at the office and at home.  

Since the program does not create copies of the files and only refers to their location on the disk, the project will work properly on another computer only if all the media files are present there as well. You can copy the files manually or automatically. 

To automatically save the project together with the files, click on the File menu and choose Save Portable Project. 

Name your project and set the destination path. 

Then transfer the project folder to another computer with Movavi program installed.

It will automatically gather the project and the media files used in it in one folder. 

Open the project via the menu File - Open project.

Please note: If you only transfer the project file and leave the media files out, the project will not contain any files.