1. First, please check that you open the project in the same version of Movavi video editing product.

If you used a later version of the program to create a project and then open it in the earlier version, it will not open.

2.  Recall if there were any crashes or hangs the last time you worked on that project.

If there were some problems, we would suggest looking up for the temporary files.

Please look up for the TMP or AUTOSAVE files in the folders:
- Videos\Movavi program name\Projects for Windows OS.
-Users/your_user_name/Movies/Movavi Library for MacOS.

Note that if you are using other folders to look up for your project you need to look up for your files there.

Temporary files are usually created for the software internal use, we cannot guarantee that it is saved correctly and that it will open.

3. Error might be caused by the files being protected or removed while editing.

This happens if images were added from the removable drive, from the cloud, or file became protected from reading.

We would recommend copying the files to your hard drive before you start video editing.

If your project does open, but it is looking for the files, please refer to this article.

4. You can try moving the project file .mpex into the folder on your desktop, as well as all the photos,videos, used in the project.