The error is not tied to any specific program.

This error occurs if the program cannot address a certain memory part but it is not available.   It might be caused by Windows Defender as well.

To solve this problem :

1. Run the program as an administrator. 

-  Right-click the program shortcut and select Properties;

- Move on to Compatibility tab (or click Advanced button);

-  Enable "Run this program as an administrator" checkbox;

2. Uninstall the software as described here.

3. If the issue remains, please go to Start, click on Search, write Control Panel, press Enter.

Go to  System and Security ->Windows Defender Firewall ->Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

You will see the following window: 

Click on  Allow another app - > Browse -> Find your program on a Desktop - > Add - > OK

If the *Allow another app* button is grayed out, click on the *Change settings* button at the top, after that you can manipulate your Windows Defender list. 

4. The issue might be caused by outdated or damaged drivers.

Please follow this howto to update the drivers.