To be able to save your projects without watermark, it is necessary to have a valid subscription to Movavi Clips: monthly, yearly or a lifetime subscription.

If your subscription is valid, but the watermark is still present on the project, please try the below solutions:

1. Movavi Clips needs a permanent internet connection to keep its license. If the connection was broken, the license can be gone and the watermark will be added to your videos.

2.To license the application again, please try to reinstall Movavi Clips and then restore your purchase as shown here: 

3. If that does not help, and the issue persists, please, make sure you are logged in to your Google Play or App Store account you made a purchase from.

If restoring Google Play purchases does not work, please try the following instructions:

If you have multiple Google accounts logged into your phone, it may be that the app is requesting a subscription from the account where the app was not purchased.

So reinstalling won't help. In this case, we recommend you to log out from those accounts on which the application was not purchased (then you can log in again).

The list of active subscriptions for an account can be checked in the Google Play app, where we ask you to open your profile and select payments and subscriptions: