To move the software from one computer to another you need to copy the installation file, run it on the other computer and register the program one more time.

To receive your personal activation information, please follow this link .

Else, you can contact our Support Team and provide the full and correct personal information you used to place your order: exact e-mail address, Last name, First name, order ID.

Please note that if your purchase was not made through Movavi Store, you might want to contact the store you made the purchase in directly.

If the purchase was made with Amazon, please check your Games and Software Library.  

Since any Movavi product is licensed on per-computer basis, not per user, site or company, you should remove the program from the previous computer.

Obtaining a licenses you may reinstall or move the product from one computer to another as many times as you wish.

While one Activation Key allows you to change 6 computers we will send you a new Key in case you decide to use another one.

Please note that if you migrate to another OS (e.g. you had Windows OS and MacOS), obtaining another license is required.