If you are not able to run the program, or it crashes as soon as you open it, please try to use the following instruction:

1. Check that the application is compatible with your version of MacOS. 

Currently, our latest products are supported by Mac OS X®10.10 or higher, but you still can purchase earlier versions of the software in Movavi Legacy Store.

2. If you have an earlier version of Movavi applications and MacOS version Mac OS X®10.10 (Yosemite), they might be incompatible.

We would suggest either using the applications like Movavi Video Converter 4 and Movavi Split Movie on earlier versions of MacOS, or use one of our special upgrade discounts to upgrade to later versions.

3. To eliminate any problems that may have occurred during the installation try reinstalling the application using this instruction

Please, remember to reboot your computer after the reinstallation.

If the problem still exist please contact Movavi Support Team. Describe your problem in detail and describe the actions you have already tried to solve the issue.