If you do not have sound during recording it may be useful to update the sound card drivers and thus reset the settings to default. 

  1. Open the Start menu, right-click My Computer or, depending on your Windows version, just Computer or This PC, and select Properties.
  2. In the System properties menu, find and click Device Manager to see a full list of your PC hardware.
  3. To find your sound card, expand the Sound, video and game controllers dropdown.
    Your sound card, or cards, will be marked with a speaker icon.

In the Device Manager, you can find information on all of the hardware connected to your PC for more insight into your system. Right-click the device you want more information about and select Properties to find a number of details and options.

Updating your device drivers based on the driver manufacturer usually involves downloading an installation file. The file will include the newest driver or a program that manages a number of extra customization options for your device. 

If you use this option, it's best to find further instructions and steps directly from your device manufacturer. Listed below are some common sound card manufacturers. 

If your hardware was manufactured by a group not listed above, you should be able to find their site with a simple web search.