First of all, you should download the installation file either from our website, or using the link in the e-mail with the Activation key.

Here you can find links to installation files of all versions of Movavi programs (you will usually need the latest version): Download Movavi products

Once downloaded, launch the file from your downloads folder or Downloads section of your browser (Ctrl+J).

Installation files are usually called something similar to that: "MovaviProductNameSetupC.exe".

It's possible you are asked by Windows whether you want to launch the file and then also whether you want to allow it to make changes to your hard drive. 

You can trust all downloads from our website, so click Run or Yes or OK  both times:

Then follow these steps to install the program:

   1. Click Next on the title screen:

   2. Accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next:

   3. If you happen to be asked for installation of Yandex Elements,
you may disable it and click Next:

   4. Set destination folder and click Next:

   5. Set the name for Start menu folder and click Install:

   6. Wait for installation to complete:

   7. Set additional options as preferred and click Finish:

Once the installation is finished, you may launch the program from a Desktop shortcut, or through Start menu > All programs.