Movavi desktop products have a yearly subscription plan.

The subscription renews at the end of each billing cycle and your credit card will be charged automatically. To prevent the charge, you should cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

Before the automatic charge for the subscription renewal, you will get notifications 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day prior to the billing date.

In order to cancel the subscription, please follow the steps below:

1. Enter 2Checkout myAccount* with your email address or your order number:

*Please note that it is not the same as Movavi Personal Account - at the moment you cannot cancel the subscription from there.

2. Once logged in, you will see the order information in the myAccount - 'Orders Overview'.

3. Find your purchased product. Click the menu 'View Order Details'.

4. Click 'Stop automatic renewal'. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Make sure to click 'Stop auto-renewal'.

You might be asked to specify the reason. This information is confidential.

After that, you can check if your subscription was canceled via the tab 'My products'.

If you decide to contact Movavi Support, please consider writing at least 3 days before your subscription renews to prevent further renewals. Do not forget to mention your email address or order number in your ticket.

If you want to cancel your subscription to the mobile product Movavi Clips, please refer to this article.