We would suggest installing codecs that enable your video to play correctly.

You can try the KLite Codec Pack to get all popular media codecs to your computer.

Else, try using another media player. You can use one that has its own codecs and does not depend on what codecs were installed in one's system. 

If you want to continue using a default media player, check what codecs are supported by your system and select the corresponding format as the output one in the export settings. 

Please note that in fact there is no one and only 'universal' format that all the devices and players in the world would support. 

Thanks to the Internet, one of the most common formats, is *.MP4 encoded with H.264 codec.

H.265-encoded files have also proven its convenience and flexibility. 

Both may be unsupported by the default OS  out-of-box parameters or certain devices.