Please note, that file size depends on many factors like resolution, duration, bitrate, compression ratio, and codec type.
The current versions of Movavi Software enable you to adjust the estimated output file size if you need to fit certain limitations on file size.

To lower your file size without losing the quality of your video try the following steps:

Step 1: Change the format and codec of the output video.

  • You can change the format in Export settings menu
  • To change the codec please go to the Export - Advanced menu:

Step 2: Check the bitrate of the exported video

Bitrate is also an important aspect that may affect your file's size. Please learn more about bitrate and average bitrate values via this guide.

  • To find out the bitrate of your original file right-click on it on the timeline or in the 'Media bin', select the option 'File information'.

    Note the bitrate value.

  • Go to the menu Export - Advanced, select Bitrate - Custom and set the bitrate value of your video manually. If you have several files and their bitrates are significantly different, just choose the value closer to the highest in the range of your videos.

  • Then consider checking the output file size in the Export informational window.

    NOTE: the default output bitrate setting is VBR.
    Due to the complexity of estimating, VBR option will not show the exported file size in the preview.

There are also other options of lowering the file size, but they all lead to the quality loss. Such options are: