Any Movavi lifetime license doesn't have any time limitations.

The license includes free updates within the purchased version. This refers to updates from version 20.0 to 20.1 or 20.2, etc.

Upgrades from the purchased version to a higher version are paid but never mandatory. This refers to upgrades from version 20 to 21, from version 21 to 22, etc.

New versions released do not affect the previous versions and do not withdraw the right to use the purchased software.

The use of Movavi subscription license is limited by the subscription duration.

Any updates and upgrades within the subscription duration are free of charge - to upgrade, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the upgrade notifications.

Each activation key purchased for 1 license offers six activations.

These six activations allow you to activate Movavi software up to six times for a single license.

They are not a license to install Movavi software on six machines for use by six users, but rather give you six chances to re-install it on your new computer or for the same computer should a disk failure or hardware or software upgrades require re-installation of Movavi software.

When the Activation limit is exceeded, your key will be blocked.

You can contact our Support Team in that case to receive the new key.