1. Make sure you input the Activation Key correctly, without trailing spaces. It is better to copy and paste the Activation key.
Do not remove any dashes in the key.

2. Please double-check that you are activating exactly the program you have purchased.
Check that the name of the product you have on your desktop is the same as the name in your order information.

If you hesitate, please request your copy of the application here.

3. Check the version of the program, make sure it is the version you've purchased.

If you are not sure what is your version, use the Lost key form, and check the version of the program installed in Help-> About menu:

4. Please note that if you use a proxy, VPN or a firewall, the offline (email) Activation is recommended.

5. When activating the product offline on Windows OS or on Mac OS, please note that the Activation key and registration key are two different keys.

Please enter the Activation key into the field 'Please enter your Activation key', click Activate offline and then enter your registration key into the field 'Please enter your registration key'.

6. If you had your licence key replaced, please always use the new Activation key.