Your copy of Movavi software includes certain features that require the activation of the third party patents due to the legal peculiarities of using the encoders and decoders enabled in our products. You may come across the patent activation when importing files, starting the screen capture, stabilizing videos and exporting the output file or project.

The patent activation is required only in the full (activated) version of the software.

Please note that not completing the patent activation will negate your ability to use the encoders in the latest versions of Movavi products.

The activation of the patents is free of charge and does not imply any special background knowledge.

The Internet connection is required for activating the patents. If you have activated the program using the online Activation, you will be suggested to activate the patents online as well.

It is possible to activate all of the patents at the time by leaving the checkbox 'Activate other codecs without asking' checked when the nag screen with the activation comes up. 
To finish the patent activation, click 'Activate'.

Activation of the patents may take a couple of minutes. The data sent to the server does not contain any sensitive personal data, but only your hardware ID and your Activation key.

Please note: if you untick the activation of all the patents, you will receive the same request when the new encoder or decoder needs to be enabled. It will come up every time when you will attempt to use the codec.

In case there is no Internet connection on your machine or you are using the firewall, the activation process will be repeating until the internet connection is established and the information is not sent to the server.

You will be allowed to use those codecs if you do not refuse the activation. When the internet connection will be available on your machine, you will see the notification concerning the activation status.

If the patents activation results in an error, please contact our Support Team via and specify if you activate the product online or offline. 

Please note that the described procedure refers to Movavi software released in autumn 2016 and later.