Movavi Screen Recorder uses a tool called Audio Capture Engine (ACE) for system sound recording on MacOS. At the moment, that tool is only compatible since 23.1.0 and later version of Movavi Screen Recorder in macOS 13 Ventura. 

In order to install it - open your Movavi Screen Recorder menu → Check for Updates and update the program to the latest version.

After installing it, depending on your OS processor, the steps of installation will be different. 

Go to Apple Menu → About this Mac, to find out which processor your device is using.

Once you see in System Info whether you are using Intel processor or Apple's M1 or M2 chip, follow these steps:

1) Open Movavi Screen Recorder, go to 'Install ACE':

2) Enter your password, then go to System Settings → General → Login items

3) Make sure that ACE is allowed in Login Items:

4) Click 'Privacy & Security' menu in your System Settings, and scroll down to Privacy and click 'Enable System Extensions'

4.1) If you are using Intel processor, simply enter your password, then select 'Restart', and you will be good to go. 

4.2) If you are using M1 processor, the following message will appear:

5) Select 'Shut Down'. Wait until screen gets dark.

6) Hold Touch ID or Power button for 10 seconds until under Apple start-up logo you can see the message 'Loading startup options…' Stop holding power or Touch ID button after.

7) In appeared utility, select 'Options'

8) Select your User profile, enter the password

9) Once the Menu bar appears in the upper left corner, select 'Utilities->Startup Security Utility':

10) Select 'Unlock' under your Macintosh HD Encrypted Disk option, and enter your password once more.

11) The button 'Unlock' will turn into 'Security Policy' - click on it, and in the appeared pop-up, change the option to 'Reduced Security', and enable the first sub-option:

12) Click OK, approve changes and restart Mac again.

13) Upon restart, go back to System Settings → Privacy and Security, and allow the extension to be installed: 

14) Enter your password to confirm, and click 'Restart' once it is done:

A note regarding 'Reduced Security' on Apple Silicon.

 The “Reduced Security” setting still provides your Mac with powerful security, only allowing operating systems approved by Apple to run.

 ACE is a standard audio plug-in, not a kernel extension. However, because it receives enhanced privileges to access your system's audio, Apple uses their existing kernel extension verification system to allow ACE to load on MacOS 11 and higher.

If at any points of the installation you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact our Support team directly: