Commercial use is permitted only by users of business versions of the Software. 

Commercial use means any use of the Software, including embodied materials, primarily intended for or otherwise directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

Versions of the Software intended for private use as well as trial versions may not be used for commercial purposes, with only the following exception: use of any version of the Software to make videos for monetization on YouTube or similar services shall not constitute breach of this agreement as long as the description attached to such videos includes a statement to the effect that the video was created in the Software and includes a link to

NOTE: notwithstanding the foregoing, use of the Software by government agencies, non-profit organizations or educational institutions shall not be deemed commercial. 

Movavi provides special pricing for educational organizations. To qualify for educational pricing, please submit the form at

Please also note that in order to qualify for the invoice as a company, non-profit or educational establishment, we strongly recommend putting a tick on ' check only if you are a company' at the checkout.

Due to the regulations of our eCommerce partners, it is impossible to change the order information from a private individual to the company when issuing an invoice.