Personal license permits software operation on one individual user account or one computer, workstation, or another digital electronic device that conforms to the system requirements of the Software as specified in the documentation. 

Therefore, the Software is licensed on a per-computer basis, not per user, per site, or per company. For example, if a person uses 2 computers, to install and use the Software on each computer, the person must purchase 2 licenses. 

Business license is intended for use by a company or another commercial entity and conveys the rights to install and use the Software for corporate, commercial, or business purposes (including internal business purposes such as the preparation of presentations or reports). 

Commercial use constitutes also any use of the Software for the direct or indirect purpose of financial benefit (e.g., by means of sales, licensing, advertising, etc.).

Except for the Free License, for the rights granted to the Licensee, the Licensee is bound to pay to Movavi the applicable license fee. This license is limited, non-exclusive, and is not transferable to any other organization or affiliate and, unless otherwise provided, permits software operation on a single computer. 

In addition, all terms and more are specified in our Movavi Software End User License Agreement (General License).

Versions of the Software intended for private use (personal license) as well as trial versions may not be used for commercial purposes, with only the following exception: use of any version of the Software to make videos for monetization on YouTube or similar services shall not constitute breach of this agreement as long as the description attached to such videos includes a statement to the effect that the video was created using the Software and includes a link to

We also have special conditions for educational, nonprofit, and governmental licenses. More information here