• First, please check if the video is not protected.

Some online streaming websites, for example Netflix or Amazon Prime, implement specific DRM protection that prevents video recording in certain browsers.

Movavi products are not designed to break such protection, due to the copyright restrictions.

If you need to record video from such website, please, try using another browser, or disabling the acceleration in the browser settings.

  • If the video is not protected, check if the recording itself or video disappears only after saving the recording to a video file.
    In order to do that, please record a short sample video and check its playback in Screen Capture preview window, right after you stop the record.

- If the video plays correctly in the preview, then the problem is most likely linked with the video codec of the output format.
Please, disable the ticked accelerations on the menu Settings - Preferences - Video:

Note that the original MKV files are stored in the Videos folder.

If you have earlier versions of Movavi Screen Capture, click the white cogwheel button in the preview to access format Settings and select another codec at the Video tab.

Then, close settings, save the file, and check the playback of the output video file.  

  • If there is no video in the preview, that means the issue occurred during the recording process.

    In that case, please, close the preview, open Settings -> Preferences -> Video  -> More menu in Screen Capture and enable Use alternative capture mode:

We also recommend updating the graphic card drivers.

*Windows Vista and Windows 7 only: Make sure that Disable Aero theme during capture option is disabled and Aero theme is enabled in your system.
Close program settings and try recording the screen again, then check video playback in Screen Capture preview.

  • Please, note that if you record video from the media player on your computer, you may need to disable the Overlay (Accelerated video output) option in the settings of this player in order to record video properly.

    Some players do not allow this (for example, Windows Media Player), so we can recommend you to use VLC player for recording video from your computer. In VLC player, you can disable Overlay in Tools -> Preferences -> Video menu.