As of now, our software does not support H.265 natively.

If you do not have Windows 8, 7, or do not have an option to install H.265 extension from Microsoft, you can use VLC to convert the video files to H.264.

VLC is an open-source free application, and has the feature to 'Convert' the file.

You will need to do the following:

1) Install VLC:

2) Once installed, launch VLC by selecting in the list of installed programs/in the Start menu, in other words, without launching a media file with this program;

3) Proceed to Media -> Convert / Save;

4) Click on the +Add button, and select your HEVC file;

5) Click on Convert/Save -> Convert;

6) At this menu, select Profile -> Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4);

7) Click on the Browse button, enter the desired name for the new file in the window that appears (it must be different; than a name of your original file) and click Save and then Start.

After that, the converting process will start and its progress will be displayed as the blue bar in the media player.

Visually it may seem that the converted file will be ready instantly, however this process may take some significant time (depends on the duration of your video), so please wait for it to complete.

Once the converting is done, the file can be used in Movavi software. Also, you can read more about alternative options here.