1) When you record a voiceover, check which microphone you are currently using. 

Sometimes you can have more than one microphone - e.g. when you have an embedded microphone and the external one, or a microphone embedded to your webcam and a professional microphone.

Before you start recording click the dropdown menu next to 'Microphone' option and select the device you need to use now. 

2) Please note that if you record from speakers and microphone at the same time and your microphone does not have any embedded acoustic echo cancellation filter, then the sound from speakers will be duplicated in the recording.

This happens because a microphone has recorded the sound for the second time.

In such case you can either use microphone with the acoustic echo cancellation, or plug-in headphones.

3) If you have Windows OS, you can also disable the Listen on this device' option. 

To find that option, right-click the speaker icon at the bottom right corner of your desktop (1). 

Select Recording Devices (2), select your current device, right-click it and select Properties(3).

Go to Listen tab and untick 'Listen to this device' (4).

4) Try using different audio settings.

Open Settings -> Preferences -> Video menu in Screen Capture and select the highest available quality from Audio quality list.

Close the program settings, record sample video and check audio quality in Screen Capture preview window.

Note that on Windows OS you might also want to select the corresponding audio quality in the recording device properties in the Advanced menu. 

5) If you use Windows OS and the issue remains, note to update your sound drivers.

6) Please check that the volume of your system sound is on maximum.

Check the sound settings on the application as well.

If any problems remain, please contact us for further steps to resolve the issue.